Artists show creativity with unwanted matter

The following article was originally published in The Herald

19 November 2015

“Artists do not run out of ideas as they can use anything at their disposal to come up with different and beautiful artifacts in their lines of work.” This was said by the creative director and founder of Dzimbanhete Arts Interaction Trust Chikonzero “Chiko” Chazunguza when the media visited their place of work near Norton. With their theme, “Recycling and Re-using” a group of four artists constructed a toilet at the facility using cans for walls and ventilations. The place is known for hosting Mbira shows.

In an interview, Chiko who is also a visual artist said they saw the need to use these cans instead of throwing them away. “This came along when one of our artists designed a pilot structure and we saw the need to construct it and we saw it necessary to use the cans that were left by fans when we hosted a function here,” he said.

The cans were used to cover the sides of the wall thus making a nice ventilation and pattern and the others were used to cover the rooftop. The design is nice and the style of patterns that comes from the inside due to light is very good portraying the best of art. The cultural director and also the co-founder of DAI Jonathan Goredema said they are hoping to build more structures using these cans.

“This is not the last of the structure that you are going to see being constructed, we are trying to gather as many cases as possible so that we can construct a wall that surrounds this place,” he said. Apart from the cans that they use to construct a toilet they also use bottle tops for making chairs. The chairs are comfortable and nice that one can tell no difference from the ordinary chairs.

“These chairs are strong and cannot be affected by any weather, it doesn’t matter whether you leave them in the sun or rain all you need to do is wipe them and you are good to go,” said Chiko. “This idea, however, cannot be said to be new, our great grandparents used to make blankets or even mats using flower sacks and that is where the whole idea is emanating from.”

He added that artists do not run out of ideas as one can use any material that many may take as rubbish. Dzimbanhete is fast becoming a place to reckon as it is in the process of constructing a village that will bring cultures of different countries in one place.